The primary functions of the Statistical Institute of Belize are to collect, analyse and disseminate representative information about the economic, demographic gender, social and environmental situation in Belize, subject to the principles of reliability, objectivity, transparency and confidentiality. As the sole body having authority to approve, monitor and coordinate the processes of data collection, compilation and analyses by any public body, the SIB is the only authorized Institute which can approve the official status of any data published by any other public body. In addition to the regular production of the key information listed below, the SIB offers additional statistics-related services upon request and by special arrangements.


The identification of the extent, characteristics and causes of poverty.

Description/Purpose: Estimates of the national inflation rate by major expenditure categories (monthly change in the general level of consumer prices)

Periodicity: Monthly

Dissemination Format: Press Release & Website

Description/Purpose: Estimates of the quarterly and annual economic growth for the whole economy and main economic sectors.

Periodicity: Quarterly & Annually

Dissemination Format: Press Release & Website

Description/Purpose: Tabular summaries of the value of goods imported into and exported from Belize

Periodicity: Monthly

Dissemination Format: Press Release & Website

Description/Purpose: Tabular summaries of the working age population and national labour force.

Periodicity: Semi-Annually

Dissemination Format: Press Release & Website

Country Poverty Assessment Report (CPA)

Description/Purpose: The identification of the extent, characteristics and causes of poverty.

Periodicity: Ad hoc

Dissemination Format: Press Release & Website

Household Expenditure Survey Report (HES)

Description/Purpose: National account of household expenditures used to indicate consumer trends & also to update CPI basket.

Periodicity: Every 10 Years

Dissemination Format: Website

Description/Purpose: Compendium of official statistics

Periodicity: Annually

Dissemination Format: Printed & Electronic

Description/Purpose: The enumeration of the country’s population and housing stock, along with demographic, economic, social, and environmental characteristics, as well as the quality of living conditions.

Periodicity: Every 10 Years

Dissemination Format: Press Release, Printed & Website

Other Services

SIB is capable of conducting all types of household sample surveys. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of questionnaire & manuals

  • Sample selection

  • Data collection

  • Data processing & analyses

Depending on the research topic, it is possible to add a module to one of our scheduled national surveys. Such an arrangement is less costly than a stand-alone survey. This service includes all of those provided for independent surveys.

SIB’s website is a one-stop information/data center allowing the user to acess numerical data on Belize. It is also a portal to local and international websites.

SIB regularly responds to requests for information on a large number of topics. These areas include:

  • Demography

  • Social and Gender Statistics

  • External Trade

  • National Accounts

Researchers from Government, universities and organizations may access SIB’s data sets on site. These data sets include:

  • Census (2000, 2010)

  • Labour Force

  • Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey

SIB’s training unit offers training in statistics to Government departments.

SIB maintains a robust internship program where University students spend a semester in one of SIB’s departments. The most recent internships were offered in the Information and Technology department and in the GIS section.

SIB is developing a strong GIS presence and welcomes opportunities to assist clients in this area.

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